Beautiful Views

Great Biking

...It's really three tours for the price of one!

The Water Island Adventures excursion is definitely not "just another bike ride." First, it is a relaxing and informative tour of the historic St. Thomas harbor. Second, it is an exhilarating bike ride and tour of Water Island. Topping it off is a visit to pristine Honeymoon Beach to swim or just relax under a palm tree after the ride and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Water Island, the smallest of the US Virgin Islands at just under 500 acres, is a safe, quiet, naturalist's island with many pristine areas. It is a sparsely populated residential island with about 100 dwellings and families. There is only one small deli/convenience store and there are no hotels. There is a minimal amount of traffic and many residents use golf carts. With beauty and little traffic Water Island is ideal for a truly wonderful bike and beach experience. 

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